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Fairlight ('GWB / 9') R2 CHEL

Address: Coastguard Lane, Fairlight, East Sussex
Location: North side of Fairlight Road, west of Hastings.
Map reference, site A: TQ845117
Map reference, site B: TQ862113

Key Dates
Operational by September 1940 as a Chain Home Low station. 

Original equipment:
Type 4
Type 11 Mk1
Type 31
Type 52
Type 53

Due to a Doodlebug campaign a week after D Day (06/06/1944) Fairlight was upgraded to a reporting CGI station.

Additional equipment:
Type 14
Type 24
Type 26
American MEW radar
Special tracking console installed in its own building.
Extra accommodation built for the new personnel including a photographic section, 'Y' watch (technical analysis of radio signals), controllers, filterers, Civilian Mechanical Engineers, operators and clerks. 
Protection from light and heavy anti-aircraft guns.

End of 1944
The Doodlebug campaign was short lived and Fairlight reverted to a CHL. Some of the new radars were retained.

Early 1950s
Fairlight was selected to be included in the ROTOR programme as a Chain Home Extra Low 'A' (CHEL'A').

30th August 1952
With the station moved closer to the coast the single level R2 bunker and its Type 14 Mk7 radar came online.
The original CHL in use for a short time. The domestic site was retained for the new ROTOR station.

The station was redundant remaining on care and maintenance.

Early 1960s
Station closed.

Surveyed by Hastings Borough Council as a possible site for the Hastings Area Civil Defence Control. 

Area controls abandoned, no funding or work was completed.

The bunker was sealed and all buildings on the site was demolished by Hastings Borough Council. The area was landscaped as part of the Hastings Country Park. It is now a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

25th July 2002
A small group from Subterranea Britannica gain access and explore the abandoned R2.

Coastguard Ln, Fairlight, East Sussex TN35 4