From the first permissive act and development bewteen 1808-1812, these institutions formed the backbone of in-patient mental healthcare until Care in the Community brought about their demise, most significantly, in the 1990's.

Hospital Name
Original Name
Date Opened
Date Closed
Principal Architect
Layout Type
All Saints, Winson Green, Birmingham Warwickshire Birmingham Borough Asylum 1850 2000 D R Hill Corridor Converted to prison, only admin stands
Banstead, Banstead Middlesex Third Middlesex County Asylum 1877 1986 F H Pownall Dual Pavilion One of the first hospital to close under the government act, demolished to make way for two prisons
Barnsley Hall, Bromsgrove, Birmingham Worcestershire Worcester County Asylum 1907 1996 GT Hine Compact Arrow Demolished to make way for housing with Admin & Chapel being kept
Barrow Hospital, Barrow Gurney Somerset Bristol City Mental Hospital 1939 2008 Sir George Oatley Colony Plan Closed with a few buildings demolished, with the rest empty
Bedford Asylum, Bedford Bedfordshire Bedford Asylum 1812 1860 John Wing Corridor Closed in 1860 due to inefficiencies of the treatment, now demolished with zero trace of the building
Bexley, Dartford Kent The Heath Asylum 1898 1998 GT Hine Compact Arrow Mostly demolished with only a few buildings remaining, such as the chapel
Broadgate, Beverly Yorkshire East Riding Lunatic Asylum 1871 1989 CH Howell Corridor Demolished 1991, now a housing estate
Brookwood, Woking Surrey Second Surrey County Asylum 1867 1994 CH Howell Corridor Main building demolished, Annexe, Chapel, Main Hall and Mortuary converted
Calderstones, Clitheroe Lancashire Whalley Asylum (Mental Defectives) 1915 1995
Dual Pavilion Mostly demolished with one block being used for mental health services
Cane Hill, Coulsdon Surrey Third Surrey County Pauper Lunatic Asylum 1882 1991 CH Howell Radial Pavilions Currently derelict and undergoing demolition, Admin, Water Tower & Chapel to be converted in the future
Carlton Hayes, Narborough Leicestershire Leicestershire and Rutland Asylum 1904 1994 S.P. Pick Compact Arrow Demolished to make way for a car park with only the chapel and residences still standing
Caterham Mental Hospital Surrey Metropolitan Imbecile Asylum 1870 1995 Giles And Biven Dual Pavilion Closed with one bock surviving and converted to housing
Cefn Coed Hospital Glamorgan Cefn Coed 1932 Still open
Compact Arrow Currently open
Central Hospital, Hatton Warwickshire Warwick County Lunatic Asylum 1852 1996 J Harris/FJ Francis Corridor Demolished with Admin & Wards converted
Cheadle Royal, Cheadle Cheshire Manchester's Royal Lunatic Asylum 1763 (moved c1850) Still open Richard Lane Corridor Still operates as Mental Health Trust
Cherry Knowle, Ryhope, Sunderland County Durham Sunderland Borough Asylum 1895 1998 GT Hine Compact Arrow Main site is closed & derelict, villas used for local mental health services
Claybury, Redbridge London Fifth LCC Pauper Lunatic Asylum 1893 1995 GT Hine Compact Arrow Majority of buildings converted to luxury housing with main hall and chapel being used as a gym
Clifton, York Yorkshire York And East Ridings Asylum 1849 1994 Scott & Moffatt Corridor Demolished 1995, now a housing estate with chapel and laundry retained
Coney Hill, Gloucester Gloucestershire Gloucestershire County Asylum 1883 1994 Giles & Gough Broad Arrow (incomplete) Demolished in 1995, rest of hospital destroyed in 1999
Countess Of Chester, Chester Chesire Cheshire County Lunatic Asylum 1829 2005 William Cole Junior Corridor & Compact Arrow (Extension) Currently undergoing demolition on various parts of the site
Darenth Park Hospital Kent Darenth Asylum and Schools 1878 1988 A & C Harston Corridor-Pavilion Totally demolished
De La Pole, Willerby, Hull, Humberside Yorkshire Hull Borough Asylum 1883 1997 Smith & Broderick Corridor Demolished to make way for industrial estate - chapel and some side buildings still open
Digby, Exeter Devon Exeter City Lunatic Asylum 1886 1987 Robert Stark Wilkinson Corridor Converted to housing
Exminster, Exeter Devon Devon County Pauper Lunatic Asylum 1845 1985-94 Charles Fowler Radial Corridor & Corridor (Extension) Main building Converted, extension demolished
Fairfield, Stotfold Bedfordshire Bedford Lunatic Asylum 1859 1997 George Fowler Jones Corridor Converted to housing
Fairmile, Cholsey Oxfordshire Moulsford Asylum 1870 2003 CH Howell Corridor Buildings are currently awaiting redevelopment - hospital within conservation area.
Fountain Mental Hospital, Tooting London Fountain Fever Hospital 1892 1963 Thomas W Aldwinckle Dual Pavilion Totally demolished
Friern, Barnet Middlesex Middlesex County Pauper Asylum 1851 1993 WS Daukes Corridor Converted in 1998 to housing, now Princess Park with frontage to original building restored
Fulbourn, Cambridge Cambridgeshire Cambridge District Asylum 1858 1992 George Fowler Jones& Samuel Hill Corridor Converted to flats with services moving to adjacent site
Garlands, Carleton, Carlisle Cumbria Cumberland And Westmorland Lunatic Asylum 1862 1999 Thomas Worthington Corridor Demolished for housing - chapel and admission hospital converted.
Glanrhyd Hospital, Bridgend Glamorgan Glamorgan County Lunatic Asylum 1864 1996
Corridor Status unknown - new secure unit built to the north
Glenside, Bristol Gloucestershire Bristol City Asylum 1861 1993 TR Lysarght Corridor Converted to Halls of Residence for Bristol University
Goodmayes, Chadwell Essex West Ham Borough Lunatic Asylum 1901 Still open Lewis Angell Compact Arrow Still in use with plans to close in the near future
Graylingwell, Chichester Sussex West Sussex County Asylum 1897 2002 Sir Arthur Blomfield Compact Arrow Main building currently empty with a number of wards being used for health services
Hellingly, Hellingly Sussex East Sussex Asylum 1903 1994 GT Hine Compact Arrow Currently in a severe state of dereliction with future plans to demolish the entire site, chapel and villas in use by NHS
Herrison, Dorchester Dorset Second Dorset County Lunatic Asylum 1863 1992 HE Kendall Junior Corridor Converted to housing with majority of buildings kept
High Royds, Menston Yorkshire West Riding Asylum 1888 2003 J. Vickers-Edwards Broad Arrow Currently under development, main hospital to be kept with some services being demolished
Hill End, St. Alban's Hertfordshire Hertfordshire County Asylum 1899 1995 GT Hine Compact Arrow Demolished with two wards being converted to residential use
Hollymoor, Birmingham Warwickshire City Lunatic Asylum 1905 1996 Martin And Chamberlain Compact Arrow Converted with Admin, Services and water Tower being restored
Horton Asylum, Epsom London Seventh London County Council Asylum 1902 1997 GT Hine Compact Arrow Some buildings retained, the rest demolished.
Horton Road, Gloucester Gloucestershire Gloucestershire First County Asylum 1823 1988 William Stark Early Corridor Closed with the main building converted after years of laying derelict
Kingsway, Derby Derbyshire Derby Borough Lunatic Asylum 1888 Still open BS Jabobs Corridor Still open and used for mental health services but awaiting redevelopment
Knowle, Fareham Hampshire Hampshire County Lunatic Asylum 1852 1996 J Harris Corridor Closed and converted to housing
Lancaster Moor, Lancaster Lancashire Lancashire County Pauper Lunatic Asylum 1816 1999 Thomas Standen Corridor North Building converted, annexe to the south empty and awaiting conversion
Leavesden, Abbots Langley Hertfordshire Imbeciles Asylum, Leavesden 1870 1995 Giles And Biven Dual Pavilion Closed with the admin, chapel and main hall converted
Littlemore, Oxford Oxfordshire Oxford County Pauper Lunatic Asylum 1846 Still open RN Clark Corridor Currently open with original buildings being converted to flats
Long Grove Hospital, Epsom London Long Grove Asylum 1907 1992 GT Hine Compact Arrow Converted to housing with some wards and admin retained
Manor Hospital, Epsom London Sixth London County Asylum 1899 1996 William C Clifford Smith Irregular Corridor Pavilion Manor House, Super Intendents House and two ward blocks converted to housing
Mapperley, Nottingham Nottinghamshire Nottingham Borough Asylum 1880 1994 GT Hine Corridor Main buildings converted to housing
Maudsley, Southwark London The Maudsley Neurological Clearing Hospital 1923 Still open William C Clifford Smith Corridor Still in use for Mental Health Services
Mendip, Wells Somerset Somerset And Bath County Asylum 1848 1991 GG Scott and WB Moffat Corridor Closed and converted to housing with main buildings being retained
Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth Breconshire Mid Wales Counties Mental Hospital 1903 2000 Giles, Gough and Trollope Compact Arrow Currently derelict with parts under going demolition
Middlewood, Wadsley Park, Sheffield Yorkshire West Riding of Yorkshire County Asylum 1872 1999 Bernard Hartley Corridor Demolished with Admin block, male annexe and chapel still standing
Moorhaven, Plymouth Devon Plymouth Borough Asylum 1891 1993 J Hine and Odgers Compact Arrow Closed and converted to housing
Naburn, Fulford, York Yorkshire York Borough Asylum 1903 1988 A Creer Compact Arrow Totally demolished
Napsbury, St Alban's Hertfordshire Middlesex County Asylum 1905 1998 Rowland Plumbe Compact Arrow & Villas Many wards, admin and water tower converted to housing
Netherne, Hooley Surrey Surrey County Asylum 1909 1994 GT Hine Compact Arrow Extensive conversion with services being demolished
Normansfield, Kingston Surrey Normansfield 1868 1997 John Haydon Langdon-Down Corridor Grade II listed and awaiting conversion - architect unsure, but Langdon-Down did acquire the house for his use
North Wales Hospital, Denbigh Denbighshire North Wales Counties Lunatic Asylum 1848 1995 Dr Samuel Hitch and Thomas Fulljames Corridor Currently stands in a state of severe dereliction with demolition starting on a number of buildings in 2009
Oakwood, Maidstone Kent Kent County Asylum 1833 1994 John Whichcord Senior Corridor Converted to housing with Admin, main wings and annexe retained
Parc Hospital, Bridgend Glamorgan Parc Gwyllt Asylum 1887 1996
Compact Arrow Demolished with a prison now occupying the site, water tower remains
Park Prewett, Sherbourne St John Hampshire Second Hampshire County Lunatic Asylum 1921 1996 GT Hine Compact Arrow Redevelopment work underway with wards, admin, main hall and water tower being converted.
Parkside, Macclesfield Cheshire Cheshire County Asylum 1871 1997 Griffiths of Stafford Pavilion Plan & Colony, Compact Arrow (Extension) Converted with many buildings retained
Pastures, Derby Derbyshire Derbyshire County Asylum 1851 1994 Henry Duesbury Corridor Converted to houses with selected areas being demolished
Pen-Y-FalĀ  Hospital Abergavenny Monmouthshire Joint Counties Lunatic Asylum 1851 1996 Thomas Fulljames Corridor Main building converted to housing
Powick, Powick, Hereford & Worcester Worcestershire Powick Lunatic Asylum 1852 1989 John R. Hamilton and James Medland Corridor Demolished with Main building being converted
Prestwich, Manchester Lancashire Lancashire County Asylum 1862 1997 Isaac Holden Corridor (Main Building) Radial Corridor (annexe) The Laundry block & accommodation still exists, a quarter of the annexe still in use for mental health services
Rainhill, Prescot Lancashire Third Lancaster County Asylum 1851 1992 HL Elmes Corridor Plan After many planning delays the entire site was demolished
Rauceby, Sleaford Lincolnshire Kesteven County Asylum 1902 1997 GT Hine Compact Arrow Currently undergoing conversion to housing with wards, admin and chapel being kept
Roundway, Devizes Wiltshire Wiltshire County Asylum 1849 1995 TH Wyatt Corridor Converted to housing
Royal Albert, Lancaster Lancashire Royal Albert Asylum 1873 Still open EG Paley Corridor Closed and now used as a school
Royal Earlswood, Redhill Surrey Earlswood Asylum For Idiots 1855 1997 WB Moffatt Corridor Closed with main building being converted to housing
Royal Holloway, Virginia Water Surrey Royal Holloway Sanatorium 1885 1982 WH Crossland Corridor Closed and stood derelict for 12 years and suffered severely vandalised, extensively restored and converted
Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, Shrewsbury Shropshire Shropshire and Wenlock Borough Lunatic Asylum 1845 Still open GG Scott and WB Moffatt Corridor Currently part of the Shropshire Mental Health Trust
Rubery Hill, Birmingham Warickshire Birmingham Borough Asylum 1882 1993 Martin And Chamberlain Pavilion Demolished with Chapel being kept
Runwell, Chelmsford Essex Runwell Mental Hospital 1936 Still open Elcock & Sutcliffe Colony Currently in use with operations being run down and ward blocks being demolished
Saxondale, Nottingham Nottinghamshire Nottinghamshire County Asylum 1902 1987 EP Hooley Compact Arrow Converted to houses with selected areas being demolished
Scalebor Park, Burley In Wharfedale Yorkshire Scalebor Park 1902 1995 J. Vickers-Edwards Compact Arrow Demolished, with admin and few ward blocks converted
Severalls, Colchester Essex Second Essex County Asylum 1913 1997 F. Whitmore and W. H. Town Compact Arrow & Villas Currently standing derelict
Shenley, Shenley Hertfordshire Middlesex County Mental Hospital 1934 1998 WT Curtis Colony Converted to housing with Water Tower and Chapel retained
Springfield, Wandsworth Surrey Surrey County Asylum 1842 Still open W. M. Mosely Corridor Currently in use as Mental Health Trust - plans to close in the near future
St Andrew's, Northampton Northamptonshire Pauper and Private Asylum for Northampton 1838 Still open Wallett Corridor Still open as Mental Health Trust
St Andrew's, Norwich Norfolk Norfolk County Lunatic Asylum 1814 1998 Francis Stone Corridor Converted to housing with main building retained, annexe to the north currently empty.
St Audry's Hospital, Woodbridge Suffolk Suffolk County Asylum for Pauper Lunatics 1829 1993 Scott and Moffats Corridor & Borad Arrow (Extension) Mostly demolished with small parts converted
St Cadoc's Hospital, Newport Monmouthshire Newport Borough Mental Hospital 1906 Still open Alfred J. Wood Compact Arrow Currently open with closure close to the horizon
St Clement's Hospital, Ipswich Suffolk Ipswich Borough Mental Hospital 1870 Still open William P. Ribbans Corridor No plans to close as of present
St Crispin, Duston Northamptonshire Northampton County Lunatic Asylum 1876 1995 Robert Grffiths Corridor Currently undergoing conversion to housing, wards, hall and admin being restored
St David's Hospital, Carmarthen Carmarthenshire The United Lunatic Asylum for Cardigan, Carmarthen, Glamorgan and Pembroke 1862 2002 David Brandon Corridor Status unknown, brought by council to prevent being turned into a Asylums Seekers Centre
St Edwards, Cheddleton, Staffordshire Staffordshire Third Staffordshire County Asylum 1898 2001 Giles, Gough & Trollope Compact Arrow Converted to housing with wards, admin and water tower being restored
St Francis, Haywards Heath Sussex County Of Sussex Asylum 1859 1995 HE Kendall Junior Corridor Extensive conversion of site with the majority of buildings now in residential use
St George's, Morpeth Northumberland County Pauper Lunatic Asylum for Northumberland 1859 1999 Henry Welch Corridor Currently Derelict awaiting demolition
St James's, Portsmouth Hampshire Portsmouth Borough Asylum 1879 Still open George Rake Corridor-Pavilion Still operates as Mental Health Trust
St John's, Bracebridge Heath Lincolnshire Linclonshire County Pauper Lunatic Asylum 1852 1989 Hamilton and Thomas Percy Corridor Currently awaiting conversion - work has started and since halted
St John's, Stone Buckinghamshire Buckinghamshire County Lunatic Asylum 1853 1991 TH Wyatt and David Brandon Corridor Completely demolished bar the chapel
St Mary's, Burghill Herefordshire Hereford Lunatic Asylum 1871 1994 Richard Griffiths Corridor Some buildings converted to housing
St Mary's, North Saltwick County Durham Gateshead Borough Lunatic Asylum 1914 1995 GT Hine & Carter Pegg Compact Arrow Currently derelict and awaits conversion
St Matthew's, Burntwood Staffordshire Staffordshire County Pauper Lunatic Asylum 1865 1995 William Moffatt Corridor Demolished with only Chapel remaining
St Nicholas's, Coxlodge, Newcastle Northumberland Newcastle County Lunatic Asylum 1869 Still open WL Moffat (1864), JW Dyson (1892) Corridor & Compact Arrow (Extension) Currently in use with some wards being converted to flats.
St. Augustine's, Canterbury Kent Second Kent County Asylum 1875 1992 Giles And Gough Corridor Pavilion Admin, Chapel and water tower retained for housing
St. Bernard's, Ealing Middlesex Middlesex County Asylum/Hanwell Asylum 1831 Still open William Alderson Panopticon Corridor Plan Buildings still in use for mental health facilities
St. Ebba's Hospital, Epsom London Ewell Epileptic Colony 1903 Still open William C Clifford Smith Colony Two Villas currently in use for mental health servcices, rest of site under demolition as of 2009
St. Georges, Stafford, Staffordshire Staffordshire Stafford County Lunatic Asylum 1818 1995 Josepth Potter Corridor Buildings currently derelict
St. Lawrence's, Bodmin Cornwall Cornwall County Lunatic Asylum 1815 2002 John Foulston Radial & Compact Arrow (Extension) Early Radial Block converted, compact arrow extension awaiting conversion
St. Lukes, Middlesbrough, Cleveland Yorkshire Middlesbrough County Asylum 1898 Still open CH Howell, AJ Wood Compact Arrow Currently in NHS use
Stanley Royd, Wakefield Yorkshire West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum 1818 1995 Watson & Pritchett of York Panoptican Corridor Plan Main building closed and converted with acute hospital to the north still open
Stone House Hospital, Dartford Kent City Of London Lunatic Asylum 1897 2007 James B Bunning Corridor Currently awaiting conversion - grade II listed
Storthes Hall, Kirkburton Yorkshire Fourth West Riding Pauper Lunatic Aslum 1904 1991 J. Vickers-Edwards Compact Arrow All buildings demolished except for Admin - site of the annexe now occupied by student village
The Coppice, Nottingham Nottinghamshire The Coppice (private hospital) 1859 1986 TC Hine Corridor Converted to luxury flats
The Lawn, Lincoln Lincolnshire City's Pauper Asylum 1820 1985 Richard Ingleman Ad hoc Corridor Converted to business centre
The Towers, Humberstone Leicestershire Leicester Borough Lunatic Asylum 1869 2005 Edward Stephens Corridor & Compact Arrow (Extension) Currently undergoing conversion with compact arrow extension being re-used by the NHS
Tone Vale, Taunton Somerset Somerset County Asylum 1897 1995 Giles, Gough and Trollope Compact Arrow Converted to housing with majority of buildings being kept
Tooting Bec Mental Hospital, Tooting London Tooting Bec Asylum 1903 1995 A & C Harston Dual Pavillion Totally demolished
Warley, Brentwood Essex Essex County Lunatic Asylum 1853 2002 HE Kendall Corridor Half the asylum demolished, the original half converted to housing
Warlingham, Warlingham Surrey Warlingham Park 1903 1999 Crisp, Oatley And Skinner Compact Arrow Totally demolished except for water tower
Warneford, Headington, Oxfordshire Oxfordshire Oxford Lunatic Asylum 1826 Still open Richard Ingleman Corridor Still open with no plans for closure
West Park, Epsom London West Park Mental Hospital 1923 Still open William C Clifford Smith Compact Arrow & Villas Currently stands derelict with a number of villas & wards being used by the NHS
Whitchurch Hospital, Whitchurch Glamorgan Cardiff City Mental Hospital 1908 Still open Oatley and Skinner Compact Arrow Currently open
Whitecroft, Newport, Isle Of Wight Hampshire Isle of Wight County Asylum 1896 1992 BS Jabobs Early Compact Arrow Redevelopment work underway, builder currently bankrupt
Whittingham, Preston Lancashire Lancashire County Asylum 1873 1995 Henry Littler Radial Pavilion Plan, Corridor & Compact Arrow Closed with half the hopsital demolished and the other half derelict awaiting demolition
Winterton, Sedgefield, Durham County Durham Asylum for Lunatic Paupers of Durham 1859 1996 John Lowison Corridor Main buildings demolished with admission unit still operating mental health services; chapel converted.
Winwick, Warrington Lancashire Lancashire County Asylum 1902 1997 Crisp, Oatley and Skinner Compact Arrow Completely demolished bar the chapel
Wonford House, Exeter Devon Bowhill House, St Thomas' Hospital 1801 Still open WF Cross Corridor Still in use with no plans to close
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